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What Happened to Women? : Democracy Journal

That demonstration has become part of the foundation legend of feminism. Few, though, remember what those marchers were specifically calling for: Forty years and a world of ssex and cultural change later, how have those demands fared?

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Abortion is legal which it was not inbut spottily available and hugely contested. Childcare is expensive, inadequate, and the source of much guilt and blame.

Abortion at no charge just for the asking? Selfish slut!

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Free childcare around the clock? Bad mommy! Americans today endorse the idea that women should have the same chances as men to excel at school and at jobs that men have historically held.

Of course, plenty of people gripe that things have gone too far: Moreover, if we overlook the dramatic impact of Roe v. Wade inof the three demands, equal opportunity is sez one that has seen the most real, if uneven, continuing progress.

Why is that? Like liberalism, feminism has at least two aspects: Was it really in that a judge threw a young woman out of a New York City traffic court for wearing pants?

Could adult single women Wooman, in Connecticut, wives be legally barred from getting birth control? Feminism has done a pretty good job of persuading society that at least in theory, doors that are open to men should be open to women too.

That credo resonates with a culture that prizes self-determination and advertises even the Army be all that you can be! Like liberalism, feminism helped to expand Woman want real sex Alcove New York sorts of personal freedom and autonomy, most obviously in the area of sexual self-expression: Affirmative action to get women into skilled blue-collar jobs?

Parking valets still make more than daycare teachers—and male parking valets make more than female ones. As for escape from an abusive spouse?

Maternity leave? A decent life as a single mother?

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Sure, if you can afford it. The limited progress of feminism at large is replicated within liberalism itself.

It is still a little shocking to me that Barack Obama invited Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration—Rick Warren, who not only Wooman legal abortion and gay marriage, but also believes God commands wives to Woman want real sex Alcove New York their husbands and forbids divorce to battered women. The tepid role of liberals in the welfare-reform debate is telling. Even today, as one in eight Americans gets food stamps and one in two children receives food stamps before Neq the age of 20, we hear no significant calls for a comprehensive attack on the feminization of poverty, or policy proposals that take on board the multiple ways in which women are punished Alcov for the greater burden of caregiving they assume, without which society could not function.

Support for free abortion on demand would be Nsa personals Blackpool start—and how about some hour, free childcare, with well-trained and well-paid staff? At the current rate of progress which is a big assumptionit could take 50 years for women to earn cents on the male dollar, years for women to have equal representation in Congress, and whatever remains of human history for women to participate equally with men in the broad range of American life.

That will never happen if the attitude of liberals toward gender inequality is to deplore it politely and suggest that women go off somewhere and discuss it Woman want real sex Alcove New York themselves.

Katha Pollitt is a columnist at The Nation. Her most recent books are Virginity or Death!

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