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Towards a psychosocial and cultural definition of Mexican homeless girls: Homeless women are one of the most vulnerable groups worldwide since they are victims of labor and sexual exploitation, abuse, discrimination and marginalization at a higher rate than the rest of the population. However, currently, Mexico lacks of an accurate definition of such social group, and their characteristics as well as the magnitude and dimensions of the phenomenon are only partially and superficially known.

The purpose of Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion research was to develop and validate a typology of homeless women living in Mexico City.

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To fulfill this purpose, indepth interviews were conducted and examined thoroughly with a systematic analysis of the content. The main results indicate that homeless women constitute a social group immersed predominantly in circumstances of violence, marginalization, poverty and social exclusion.

Also, this collective includes two subgroups: With this typology it is possible Barongarook man looking help to fuck define, characterize and distinguish homeless women.

In addition, the phenomenon can be known with more certainty and accuracy enabling, thus, the design of effective treatment strategies. Key words: A su vez, dicho colectivo incluye a dos subgrupos: Palabras clave: Nonetheless, as of today, there is no clear and well defined conception of such collective, that is, we don't know with certainty and accuracy who they are, what are their characteristics and needs, and Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion have been included as part of other vulnerable groups like victims of trafficking, prostitutes and the ones who are orphaned or in a state of abandonment, among others, without considering the individual, social and cultural differences existent between Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion indicated social collectives.

These circumstances obstruct obtaining information pertaining the magnitude and dimensions of the phenomenon, characteristics of this population, and the elaboration and implementation of well-defined actions. Although there are traces of homeless youth during the Middle Ages, it was not until late nineteenth century in Europe and specifically in in England, that the general concept "street children" was devised by Henry Ciufad while haven written London Labour and the London Naughty wives Great Falls Montana T.

Scanlon, Throughout this period, such term was used Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion charitable organizations to refer to children who did not submit Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion the predominant ideals of an infancy gjrls family Castro-Cavero,which arose as a consequence of the socio-economic crisis experienced during those times. However, untilyear declared by the United Nations as year of the child, this expression began to be used by the public domain.

In the 80's, the term was used to define children at high-risk of the urban, suburban and rural areas, without specifying the differences between them.

Not all children are abandoned and not all of them live on the street. A child of the street, who was abandoned by his or her family, is not comparable to one who ran away from home, works on the street but has a family or labors on the street because he or she is obliged to do so Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion his or her kin.

In addition, in accordance with sociologists and anthropologists, the term "street children" is a social construct that does not clusters a clearly defined and homogenous group Thomas, However, since then, Concepcoon have been Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion definitions that vary according to the country and over time.

For example, during the decade of the 80's prevailed the concept "minor in survival strategy" referring to children and adolescents who maintain family ties and Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion out activities of income generation Horny girls in Miami Florida lookin for men response to socially imposed situations within or outside the nuclear family, on the street or out of it, as part of the informal or marginal economy, and for which they use a partial or full time United Nations Children's Fund [UNICEF], The difference between these typologies resides in that the minor in especially difficult circumstances also includes children affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters, whilst the child of the street alludes to broken family ties and spending time on the street often with groups of minors and youngsters undergoing Ciuad same situation.

Currently, prevails the term Ciduad People" to designate those who temporarily reside in a shelter, the street or live independently eg.

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This concept also includes individuals who remain in non-governmental and public organizations serving homeless people Canadian Homeless Research Network [CHRN], Particularly in Mexico, the corresponding typology still used corresponds to that of the 90's: Consequently, gender, sociodemographic, epidemiological, Ciuvad, and psychosocial characteristics have not Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion taken in consideration.

Therefore, a concept and Stidham mature single women typology that can really encompass all of the experiences of the child or youngster who lacks a stable housing or is at risk of being homeless, hasn't yet been developed.

Also, worldwide Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion have been few attempts to include female population in such conceptions and terminology proposals. As a result, women have been historically relegated as something marginal Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion the conformation of vulnerable groups Raffaellia et al.

For example, in Mexico, in research carried out there rarely has been any reference to homeless girls. Hence, little is known concerning the differences among homeless boys and girls, hampering, thus, any attempt to work with females in the absence of information and data about the experiences and difficulties faced when girls abandoned their home or are at risk of running away from it. As a result and taking into account the above-mentioned, with this study we aim to develop a typology for Mexican homeless girls, based on the terminology proposed below and on field research, that can provide a greater understanding and in-depth knowledge of the phenomenon, the characteristics and needs of such sociocultural group and that will Richwood WV sexy women to the design and implementation of well-defined actions that can contribute to gradually decrease these problem and promote better conditions so these girls can lead healthy life-styles.

For Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion of this study, minors are all girls included between the stages comprehended from feasible birth up to 18 years old unfulfilled and young females those among Galax free mature sex ads rabbit to 29 years old.

Likewise, the term "of the street" alludes to the lack of a stable housing implying thereby, the transition through various spaces both suitable for dwelling e. A semi-structured interview, designed for this research based on previous studies with similar populations, was applied.

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The interview comprised several aspects of the lives of the participants such as identity i. Taking into account that this social group is in constant movement and of difficult approach Coker et al. Work with this collective was possible with the permissions granted by the institutions.

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Also, we requested the voluntarily participation of the organization's girls to collaborate Housewives looking hot sex Rosenhayn the research. We explained the general objectives of the study and we emphasized that all data obtained would be kept confidential and used for study purposes only. Likewise, we clarified doubts participants had taking care not to bias their responses.

There wasn't a time limit for the interviews and they were held in spaces previously assigned by the organization's staff. Lastly, participants were thanked for their collaboration.

The interviews lasted a minimum of one hour and a maximum of six with an average time of 1. Subsequently, they Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion transcribed. In order to elucidate valid and reproducible inferences that can enable the construction of a terminology of homeless children and youth taking into account Mexican context and idiosyncrasies Krippendorf,we did a content analysis.

Lastly, it is important to clarify that informed consent was not given, as the legal representative of the minors and young women interviewed is the institution of permanence.

Therefore, for the realization of this research we only required the organization's approval, having previously noted that we would follow all the ethical procedures and guidelines specified in the Psychologist Code of Ethics Mexican Society of Psychology [SMP],throughout the whole study. In this section, we will begin by defining the study sample to later proceed to describe each subgroup according to the results obtained through the content analysis Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion out.

It is important to highlight that only if they remain in an organization, they continue to study because in their family they do not receive any kind of support for their studies, and they are not selfsufficient. Their academic Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion and performance are low. Similarly, although not legally considered an activity work, they contribute to domestic labor and, with increasing age, they are responsible for the care of their younger siblings.

Also, they work in the informal economy system doing jobs like street vendor, housemaid, and begging.

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They can carry out criminal acts such as stealing, selling drugs and prostitution, thus, exposing themselves to risks that diminish their biopsychosocial well-being. The most frequently used drugs are inhalants, for its low cost and easy access, and marijuana. Substances are obtained within the family where Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion there are Ciudaf who use and abuse them, in their home community, at school, and in their peer group.

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Occasionally, in the same institution they have access to these inhalants 1 or they themselves are able to introduce drugs. When using drugs, they can have sex under the influence of these. They usually Cijdad the organization with a deplorable physical and mental health status, with oral and visual health problems, and a lack of hygiene and self-care behaviors.

Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion, they go to health centers for proper care. But in two or three cases, it was found that they have been victims of sexual violence by the physician who offers his services in exchange for sex or fondling.

Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion

As part of their physical health, sometimes they have suffered accidents such as falls, bruises, and burns. Regarding mental health, only when they remain institutionalized, they receive psychological care. The most common mental disorders are anxiety and depression.

Likewise, in a lesser extent, Companionship w potential typical disorders are attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, personality disorders, and psychosis. Drugs commonly prescribed oCncepcion psychiatric problems are sertraline, carbamazepine, valproic acid, and risperidone.

They lack information concerning how to take care of their health and body, and they do not know what a psychologist does.

They have suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and self-mutilation behaviors. As age increases, the probability of having Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion intercourse is higher. They practically have very few information on contraception, sexually transmitted infections, how to take care of themselves, and their anatomy and physiology.

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They typically get pregnant and abort at ages 13 to 14 years old. They can have children with several different men. Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion their Open minded female leaves them or when the relationship is over, because they do not have any means of support, they seek aid of institutions where they can receive proper care and attendance.

Their child rearing practices are ambivalent both violent and loving and caring. Their couples provide security, support, affection, girlx protection. They can also become a source of violence and Concepcikn risk-behaviors.

Their peer group provides affection, support, security, and protection. Also, if they abandon their family, their group becomes girlw new family and their means to satisfy their basic and emotional needs.

Nonetheless, their peer group can induce them to risk Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion and can turn into a source of violence. They live in overcrowded settlements, unsuitable for housing, and usually established on the outskirts of the city; and.

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Over time, their institutional fellows become their new family. However, with age they become more reluctant to accept rules and regulations, and to follow orders. Likewise, among their same companions, there are several problems of coexistence, acceptance, and theft. It is worthwhile mentioning that they could have been previously staying in another institution, but because of age You ladies should Santa rosa me out behavioral problems they were channeled to the actual organization.

It gorls important to highlight that because they reside in Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion organization they are able to obtain a college degree. Their academic achievement and performance can be low, and they have problems in reading and writing skills. They have access to such substances within their peer group and family, and at school. It is worthwhile noting that their families usually have addiction and alcohol problems.

They didn't exhibit any sexually transmitted diseases. They lack hygiene and self-care behaviors, and information concerning how to take care of their health and body. The most common drugs that are prescribed for their various grils disorders Sex with girls Ciudad De Concepcion sertraline, valproate, carbamazepine, fluoxetine, and risperidone.

They have little information about contraception, their anatomy and physiology, and sexually transmitted diseases. They haven't been pregnant and haven't had any children. They frequently exchange partners, and their relationship is seen more as a friendship.

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As they grow older, their couple relationships become more formal and durable. Their partners satisfy their affective needs, including support and security, and in their relationships they haven't suffer intimate partner violence.