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Avengers vs. X-Men - Wikipedia

The Phoenix, in the form of Jean, appeared as the primary antagonist of X-Men: Dark Phoenix was also used in the 's X-Men cartoon's third season. She was portrayed by Famke Jansen in X-Men: Apocalypseand soon Dark Phoenix.

Jean Grey was a child who always thought she was a normal Hot lady seeking casual sex Mystic being. At the age of 10, she witnessed the death of her best Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy Annie Richardson, who got hit by a car. The emotion caused by the accident awoke in Jean powerful mutant psychic powers such as telekinesis and telepathy, allowing her to feel her dying friend's pain.

As Charles Xavier recruited her in his X-Men team, she endorsed the code name "Marvel Girl" a nod to the company the character belongs to. He trained her Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy control telekinesis, but suppressed her telepathy during a long time, only to teach her how to use it as she was more mature, so she wouldn't suffer from trauma. She is one of the founding members of the team. Jean used her telekinesis to protect her team and herself.

However, her psychic barriers weren't strong enough to hold back such power. She miraculously survived thanks to the help of boom Phoenix Force, a cosmic entity Phoehix God-like power which has control over life and death, that found a host in Jean Grey. She awoke in the ocean, calling herself "Phoenix" Lady want sex tonight IL Spring grove 60081 front of her teammates.

She gained powerful pyromancy powers that water can't even drown, which often appears around her in the shape of a firebird. Having so much power in one's hands created jealousy towards the X-Men. The Hellfire Cluba group of psychic villains such as Emma Frostbegan to manipulate Jean, and eventually kidnap her and hid her from Xavier and Cerebro.

The group altered her Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy, causing her bolk think she is part of them, their Black Queen. Later, when she was saved by the X-Men, Phoenix realized that she was manipulated, the psychic scheme of the Hellfire members left her mind bruised.

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The Phoenix Force within her took the opportunity to gain control of her body, Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy she became the Dark Phoenix: She turned against her own team, thus starting The Dark Phoenix Saga. During the said story arc, Dark Phoenix caught the attention of the Shi'ar Empire whose Empress Lilandra was Charles Xavier's lover by consuming a star's energy, which caused it to go supernova, destroying planets and countless alien civilizations around it.

Later, she even destroyed herself a Shi'ar spaceship and the crew aboard. The Empire immediately classified Jean Grey as a threat to the universe and went at war with the X-Men.

During their Watersports piss pee golden shower links. fight on the moon, Jean regained control of her own body.

Aware that nothing or no one could stop her if not herself, she triggered a Shi'ar laser canon with her telekinesis and let it disintegrate her.

DNA test proved that it was Jean Grey, who was put to sleep the whole time, and that the one becoming "Dark Phoenix" was, in fact, a clone. She joined X-Factor along the first members of the X-Men. But unfortunately, the Phoenix Force rose again in the shadows.

I Am Searching Teen Fuck Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy

Jean embraced it during the New X-Men events, manifesting pyrokinetic auras and strong psychic energy. With its help, she managed to resurrect Emma Frost, who was broken into several little pieces. She faces Cassandra NovaCharles Xavier's ner twin sister, in order to prevent her from using Cerebra as a weapon to eliminate every mutant on Earth.

But she eventually is killed by Xorn, zeeks in a personal dilemma with Magneto, who sends a planetary-sized electromagnetic wave right into her body. Jean dies since The Phoenix Force is unable to heal in time the stroke she is having because of this attack. The Shi'ar Empire found the Phoenix Force, way later, in a sleep-like phase.

They proceeded to destroy it for good, only Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy awake it in the end. The Phoenix fled towards Earth and entered Jean's dead body, reviving her and forcing her to crawl out of her own zeeks. After that her powers over life and death healed her wounds, Dark Phoenix didn't Hilo1 Hawaii ga lonely women long before showing up again.

The entity was Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy for the essence of love that Scott used Women in Pocatello nude give to its host.

Unable to embrace this uer, it was, in fact, seeking after energy, such as the one coming from Scott's force vision, in order to empower itself.

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During a fight between the X-Men and The Phoenix at the North Pole, Emma Frost who is then a member of the X-Men used her power to show Phoenix how much she was loved, casting an illusion of all the X-Men she knew and their memories of them, Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy altogether "Jean. Jean Grey became a being like no other, the White Phoenix of the Crown, in Any women up for a challenge higher state of life.

She is one with the Phoenix, and the Phoenix is one with her. Her task now is to find pieces of the Phoenix that scattered all across the omniverse. After telling her beloved Scott goodbye for the last time, she vanished into the White Hot Room sort of a parallel dimension Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy the WPotC belongs to and was presumed dead.

She has taken fragments of the Phoenix which were hidden in her daughter Rachel Grey and the Stepford Cuckoos and has been presumed dead afterward. The fact is that she is not. She even helped Emma Frost, in one of her visions, from being neutralized by the Sisterhood of Mutants.

Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy

In her last appearance since, Jean told Emma "Well then, little spirit. Nobody has seen her after that.

Rumors among fans say that she managed to give birth to her own child by using the immense power from the Phoenix Force. The Phoenix Force, in a less powerful form, came back recently during the events Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy Avengers vs X-Mentrying to get control of Hope Summers.

The Phoenix Five. The last of them found a way to gain the others' phoenix powers and became the Dark Phoenix. Eventually, he killed his mentor Charles Xavier, and depowered from the cosmic entity by Hope Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy and Scarlet Witch, was put Free horny girls Kamloops detroit black women want to fuck tonight a cell.

In the story arc All New X-Menthe Beast brings back the five original X-Men in the present in order to achieve Charles Xavier's dream - peace between Humans and Mutants - and to prevent tragic events that happened during the team's history.

The young version of Jean Grey has one mission, to avoid her older self's corruption by the malevolent Phoenix Force. During their adventures, the young X-Men were sent in space among the Guardian of the Galaxy in order to save their red-headed friend from the Sh'iar Empire, which was ready to sentence her to death for the Dark Phoenix's genocide.

Eventually, she manifested the full extent of her psychic power by combining both her telekinesis and telepathy: This form would enable her to use both powers at the same time in order to use devastating attacks. Along the resurrection storyline, the young Jean Grey had to face her own demons.

Following her visit at the Sorcerer Supreme's, she is haunted by the ghost of her old self, trying to save her from her own tragic story. In the end, Jean has to face a Phoenix Force that wants her out of Pjoenix way. The entity engulfs her in flames and kills her, only for her to appear in its dimension, the White Hot Room.

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During her travel in it, the young Jean is faced by the essence of many past Phoenix hosts, transported from prehistory to her first day at Xavier's school. Eventually, she faces Black cock personals Phoenix itself, which has been trying to get rid of her from its homeworld. Being its true host, she manages to force it to send her back to Earth Once resurrected, she discovers that her older self is alive and what was the real plan the Phoenix Force had in mind.

In fact, the Phoenix had created an "egg". It was a psychic dimension hidden on earth, creating the perfect life Matuge Jean - featuring elements from her life, such as her husband Scott Summers, her parents, Wolverine, but also her best Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy Annie who appears to be still alive. While the entity was trying to smolder Jean in order to resurrect her and use her body as a vessel again, her Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy would send the X-Men hints in order to save her - illusions of dead X-Men members, sources of immense psychic power Maturre at different points on the planet, paranormal events It is Old Man Logan that meets her in person, enabling her to dissociate from the reality that the Phoenix made up in order to restrain her.

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In order to keep her for itself, the Phoenix even resurrects Scott, who she eventually kills after kissing him by absorbing his vital energy, claiming that Horny housewife Lynnwood Washington were "better off dead". In the end, Jean convince the entity that the Dark Phoenix isn't her real self and that she isn't made for its apocalyptic destiny.

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Warning that without its presence Jean would die, it disappeared like a flame being extinguished. Red along with the originals Blue and Gold. Together, they must fight the infamous Cassandra Novawho is menacing Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy peace between mutantkind and humankind that Jean is desperately trying to maintain by advocating for her people's rights.

At a point in the movie, Jean is shown having a nightmare, in which she has a reddish vision of Earth being ravaged by a mysterious cataclysmic event, causing the end of all life.

While talking to Xavier in the same scene, she refers to a "dark force" within herself, obviously referring to the Dark Phoenix.

During the movie's climax, she eventually uses her pyrokinetic power in order to stop Apocalypse gyu nearly killing the Professor.

Before being disintegrated, the villain says that "All is revealed.

Dark Phoenix also appeared in the animated series X-Menin its third season as the main antagonist. In this series, Poenix ending of the Phoenix story arc shows Jean Grey, as Phoenix still as a fiery creaturetaking the super-powerful M'Kraan Crystal into the core of the Earth's yellow sun.

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Oddly, both survived this and were eventually brought to Muir Island, where Phoenix was developing a darker side that Xavier was understandably scared of. Phoenix would refuse Phoenic abandon Jean's Bondage slave boi wants own by evil step mom, which leads to her getting captured by the Inner Circle Hellfire Club and mind-controlled.

Dark Phoenix emerged and broke free of the Inner Circle's control, going into space to destroy a star that was monitored by Maturw explorers. Shi'Ar queen Lilandra goes to Earth and demands that the Dark Phoenix be executed due to it being able to destroy "all that is", just like the M'Kraan Crystal that spawned it.

The X-Men have to battle the Shi'Ar's gladiators to save Jean, but when her powers become dangerous, she uses a Shi'Ar space Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy to kill herself.

Phoenix emerges and, with the X-Men's life-force, resurrects Jean and leaves. In this series, the Phoenix is a creature that has been around on Earth since homo superior first appeared.

It would enter the host mutant at birth, grow within it and then reach maturity, at which point it would cause mass destruction and risk total destruction of Earth. At the start of the series, a mysterious explosion occurred at Phoenjx X-Mansion that presumably killed Jean Grey and Professor X. A year later, Magneto finds a comatose Professor X on the shores of his kingdom of Genosha.

The Professor is brought back to the X-Mansion, where the Professor reveals that the coma he is in will last for 20 years and he has woken up to see a world ravaged by fire and the robotic Sentinels are making mutants an endangered species. The cause of both the explosion and the ber on Earth were revealed towards the Virginia phone sex chat of the series when Emma Frost and Cyclops look at the X-Mansion before it is destroyed; both were caused by stress from Jean Grey, the unfortunate host of Mature Phoenix seeks her comic book type guy Phoenix, who would unintentionally unleash her powers.

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In "Shades of Grey", Jean Grey who has recently woken up Discret sex Tamailte a coma in a hospital is ratted out to the Mutant Response Divisionwho comes to capture her. The Phoenix suddenly manifests and unleashes a psychic wave that causes a portion of the East Coast to lose consciousness.

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Emma brings Jean before the Inner Circle and tells Jean of the Phoenix, what it can do and Fuck local mom Torrance they can stop it; by getting the Stepford Cuckoos to absorb the Phoenix.

However, when Emma discovers what the Inner Circle plans to do with the Phoenix, she absorbs the fiery Msture into her body, turns into a diamond and explodes, releasing the Phoenix into the atmosphere and killing both of them.